Updated: Dec 2, 2019

We are living in a very fast world; everything around us is changing and moving at a very rapid pace. In midst of all this we become so lost that we forget to breathe, we forget to live and most importantly we forget to love; we forget humanity. Even though we have categorized ourselves into different nations, races and different religions; there is one thing that binds us all and that is Humanity.

We are all humans and this makes us all equal. Then again to think like this is one thing and to act on it is a totally different thing. When you really want something, when you are truly passionate about something then fate brings you a chance to grab your destiny. After graduation I joined a private dental practice and started making plans for the betterment of oral health of my society. I find myself lucky that my partner dentists had a similar mindset. We established a state-of-art dental practice and equipped ourselves with the latest gadgets available, ensuring the best dental treatment to every patient visiting us.

Our team of dentists declared our clinic as the base camp of social activities as well. We would use the logistics, materials and equipment from the clinic, and arranged free dental camps at different locations within our reach. The needy patients are always referred to our clinic where the specialist in our team would treat them free of cost.

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